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The Doors of Perception!

So I took a set of photographs of the little storage doors in the harbour two months ago.
I loved them, but couldn’t imagine hanging ten photos on my wall – I didn’t love them that much!

At 2am this morning, it came to me what to do with them and I think I’m pleased with the result…

It took me two hours, so I’m definitely biased towards liking it!

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Getting close!

Well I am now a complete expert in SSLs, Webhhooks, ADIs and many other techie web terminology that I’ve thusfar managed to avoid in my life!

I’ve added around 22 photos over the last day and I hope people enjoy them. I have about another 80 to 100 that I think are worth displaying and I’ll hopefully add them over the coming days.

I have a bit of cosmetic work to do on menus etc, but the shop is fully functioning and secure for payments should anyone want to purchase one.